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Parallel Systems and Computing Laboratory (PSCLab)

Arizona Sate University
699 S. Mill Avenue, # 553
Tempe, AZ 85281, USA

August 11th, 2017

Mr. Matthew Prater

Highland High School
4301 E Guadalupe Rd,
Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA

Donation Receipt Declaration

The donation recorded on this form is made in accordance with the High-school Teacher Training Program that is implemented as the part of the the education plan of Prof. Fengbo Ren’s CAREER project funded by National Science Foundation (NSF).

For reporting purposes, the donation receipt declaration form is required to be signed by the donee to substantiate all contributions donated to qualified organizations.Therefore, please review and confirm the following information regarding the property donated to your organization by PSCLab and Arizona State University. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

All of the items listed below were

Item Unit Price Quantity Value Date Received
Elegoo 37-in-1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino UNO R3, MEGA, NANO $29.99 3 $89.97 08/11/2017
Elegoo MEGA 2560 R3 Board ATmega2560 ATMEGA16U2 + USB Cable Compatible With Arduino $12.21 6 $73.26 08/11/2017
Qunqi 400 tie point Experiment Mini Breadboard 5.5×8.2×0.85cm,4packs $7.99 2 $15.98 08/11/2017
120pcs Multicolored Dupont Wire Kit 40pin Male to Female, 40pin Male to Male, 40pin Female to Female Breadboard Jumper Wires Ribbon Cables Kit for Arduino / DIY/ Raspberry Pi 2 3 (Pack of 120) $7.77 6 $46.62 08/11/2017
Adafruit 12 RGB LED Neopixel Ring $9.22 6 $55.32 08/11/2017
Adafruit ATWINC1500 WiFi Breakout $28.12 6 $168.72 08/11/2017
Vktech DS18b20 Waterproof Temperature Sensors Temperature Transmitter (5pcs) $11.05 1 $11.05 08/11/2017
GY-521 MPU-6050 MPU6050 Module 3 Axis analog gyro sensors+ 3 Axis Accelerometer Module $5.03 4 $20.12 08/11/2017
Total     $481.04  

The above property:

  1. Is scientific equipment and substantially all of its use will be teaching, research, or experimentation, or for student training.
  2. Will be used in the United States for education purposes.
  3. Will not be transferred (by the donee) in exchange for money, other property, or services.

Signed by

Name: Matthew Prater

Organization: Gilbert Public Schools

Title: Teacher

Email: matthew.prater@gilbertschools.net

Date: August 11, 2017